Shipping & Returns

For your protection, please read and be aware of your options and liabilities as it pertains to shipping.

Time sensitive Deliveries.

Often times, when orders are time sensitive, we are asked when an order will arrive. We have control over when an order is ready to be shipped, but we do not have control over the actual delivery date unless the Buyer pays for guaranteed shipping of 1, 2 or 3 days.

Flat Rate shipping averages

We are able to state how long it will takes for Flat rate packages to arrive in a general sense, but Buyer must bear in mind that these are statements based on experience in most cases, but is not a guarantee. When shipping flat rate, USPS has a window of 3 to 5 days for the delivery. If anyone at Boost indicates that a package most often will arrive within three days and it ends up being 4 or 5 days, the Buyer agrees to accept this risk and possible disappointment. We make every effort to help our customers save money where they can, but it is our recommendation that if a package must absolutely be delivered on a specific date, that they Buyer pay the extra money for guaranteed shipment.

Required Signature Option

It is recommended that the buyer request (SIGNATURE REQUIRED) on deliveries over 50.00 for their protection. Delivery to Commercial locations are generally more secure, but for home deliveries, If the Buyer chooses to ship without a required signature, the postman will leave the package at the front door which is susceptible to theft.

Insurance Option

It is also recommended that the Buyer request and pay for insurance in the event the delivery is lost or damaged during shipment.

Shipping Instructions

It is the Buyers responsibility to inform Boost in writing of their desired shipping and decisions about other shipping options.

Online Tracking

If a package has been shipped but not received, Buyer may call Boost and we will check the tracking online. If the tracking shows that the package was delivered but was not received, an investigation will be initiated by Boost on your behalf with USPS.

Lost Packages

Shipping investigations can take up to 48 hours before USPS is able to provide additional information.

GPS Coordinates Stamp

All shipping labels are scanned by the Postman at the time they are delivered to substantiate the actual GPS coordinates of the delivery. The first part of the investigation will be for USPS to download the GPS records to verify that the package was delivered to the address represented on the shipping label.

If the package was delivered to an address other than the address on the shipping label, and cannot be recovered, USPS will reimburse up to 50.00.

If the package was shipped to the correct address as represented by GPS coordinates, the Buyer and position of USPS will be that the pack was shipped successfully.

If the package is not found, it is considered lost or stolen in which case the buyer accepts full responsibility for the loss.